Tilburg; a city for students

In Tilburg there are four sororities and many student associations. There is even an association specifically for foreign students: the I*ESN Tilburg.

The life in Tilburg for students is also characterized by cantus: big parties where people sit at tables and sing songs together and drink beer. The friendly atmosphere in Tilburg makes students feel at home rapidly in their new city.

Life as a student

Tilburg has rapidly emerged as a real city for students. It is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands in terms of population, with relatively many students. Every year more than 28.000 students come to Tilburg to study at the Tilburg University, Avans Hogescholen and Fontys. During the day a stream of cycling students connects the University with the city center. In the evening the students find each other in one of Tilburg’s many pubs and cafes. 

Tilburg University

Fontys Hogescholen

Avans Hogeschool

Studentwork in Tilburg

There are as well students in Tilburg who work in one of the many pubs or shops. The university has jobs available for students where they can work and learn at the same time, for example in the role of Student Assistant. As well, there are several employment agencies specialized in helping students find jobs.

Fuji Film


Tilburg University

Relaxing in Tilburg

In the summertime you can find several music festivals such as ‘Mundial’ and ‘Dance Tour’ in Tilburg. In July, Tilburg has a large carnival, which 1.5 million people visit. Throughout the year, there is a variety of famous and lesser known artists that will perform in club 013.

Yes Talent Square

Tilburg terraces

Museum de pont

Poppodium 013