Interview short stay

We interviewed Qiuhang He (23) an international student from China that recently arrived at TalentSquare. She is a student at Tilbug University and she just started her one year Master’s program “Supply Chain Management”.

What is your first impression of the Dutch culture?

My first impression about the Dutch culture is that the people are really friendly. This is my first time in the Netherlands. I have stayed in Sweden the last three year for study, so I’m used to the European culture.

Is there a big difference between your home country and The Netherlands?

Originally I come from China. Being flexible and adapt to the culture of the country that you visit, is really important when you study abroad. A big cultural difference between China and the Netherlands is that China is more oriented to family issues than Dutch people. Also in the Netherlands almost nowhere you can pay with credit-card. This is really different than in other countries.

What was your first impression of the complex of Talent Square Tilburg?

My first impression was good! I received a warm welcome and the building gave me the feeling of a real community. It is very nice to have my private room including my own shower and toilet and it’s great to share the living room and kitchen with other people. In this way I can talk to people when I want and I still have my private space.

How did you experience the process of obtaining a room in Tilburg? And how with SSH?

The process went very well. First I registered at Tilburg University, after I was accepted there I received an email from the university about the housing possibilities, including a link to the SSH-website. On the website I selected my accommodation and made the reservation. This was really easy.

How would you describe the service SSH provided upon your arrival?

The service from SSH upon arrival was really nice. I thought I completed my booking, but I hadn’t! My bank had not processed the payment properly. So when I arrived I had no booking! SSH was great and helped me solve this problem. SSH offered me to stay in a room of a friend of mine, who did had a room at TalentSquare. SSH placed an extra bed inside my friends room. SSH contacted me 1,5 week later about a cancellation and they have given me my own nice room. This was a really nice and personal service!

Would you recommend SSH to friends and family?

Yes, I would definitely recommend SSH to others. The building TalentSquare is really nice, many international people live here, it looks clean and the rooms look new and the service is great!