Why study in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands, or Holland as it’s often mistakenly called, is a small country located in West-Europe. The country is most well-known for its windmills and tulips, but actually offers a lot more than that. With high quality education, relatively low tuition fees and a friendly, liberal people, studying in the Netherlands has a lot of advantages.

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Study in the Netherlands

Dutch Universities

One thing you can be sure of when you study in the Netherlands is the high academic standard. The quality of the education in the Netherlands is very high. In the QS World University Rankings of 2012/2013 13 Dutch universities were included, of which 11 were in the top 200. The Dutch way of teaching is interactive with an emphasis on teamwork. A part form traditional lectures, you will receive practical assignments, write papers or a research proposal. This is often done in groups, reflecting the value the Dutch assign to working together and compromising. In the Netherlands, students are deeply encouraged to think for themselves. Asking critical questions and discussing topics of study with fellow students as well as professors is highly appreciated. The opinions of others are always welcomed and respected in the Netherlands. This open attitude stimulates students to apply newly-gained knowledge.


Fellowship in The Netherlands

International talent is more than welcome in the Netherlands. Outstanding students are rewarded with scholarships that pay for most if not all of the study costs. This often includes a refund of the tuition fees and a very decent monthly grant to cover living expenses. Check:

to see whether you’re eligible for a scholarship in the Netherlands.

For those unable to obtain a scholarship the tuition fees are still quite reasonable, especially for EU-students, making studying in the Netherlands that bit more interesting.